miércoles, enero 25, 2006

nuevas viejas fotos

me desperte con un resfrio de aquellos, y pese al vomitivo te medicinal, a los kelloggs, a la tostada con dulce de leche chimbote y a la cafiaspirina, debo confesar que sigo sientiendo pocas ganas de enfrentarme al frio y al viento que recorren prepotentes las callejuelas de Hyde Park. Pero bueno, no hay otra, en un rato tengo que salir.
Consuelo: fotitos de viajes recientes. Y me acabo de acordar de esa idea, que dice que para viajar no hace falta moverse (habre tomado el te medicinal o el otro??)

- Playa 1 -

- Playa 2 -

La vista desde el depto

"Dale nene, saca la fotito de una vez"

Estrenando remera ;)

Autofoto - desde el balcon -

lunes, enero 23, 2006


Back in September, from my apartment...

Right now...

Saturday in Lincoln Park:

University of Chicago, Campus (4.30pm)

Ritz Carlton, dowtown Chicago (Friday 19th)


Sometimes life looks like a never-ending application process

Enero y febrero es uno de esos periodos. Esta semana va a ser particularmente intensa, sobre todo si finalmente decido ponerme al dia con mis cuatro materias. Hablando con A. ayer me di cuenta de lo poco que falta para Spring-break, y eso inevitablemente implica que los midterms se acercan peligrosamente.

Cigarrillos? Ahora tengo cuatro atados desparramados por distintos lugares del departamento, se me acabaron los puchos argentinos, lo copado es que estos son horribles y caros, asi que quiza pueda volver a disminuir mi cuota diaria de nicotina.

sábado, enero 21, 2006

Halt the Cogitation

I decided to change my blogspot address, since I believe this one better reflects the true nature of my past ruminations. It is but a cosmetic change, yet it also intends to remind me that there are PLACES where you can actually download a series of reasonable and unreasonable thoughts, providing more space for the mind to appreciate what is out of its neurological boundaries.
The very same thing which makes LOGIC so beautiful, the fact that it needs no external validation, is also what makes it so unnatural, sometimes unhealthy, to human beings. For logic only demands a room, some food and a few pencils. Men need a plethora of tiny little pleasures, horrific stinky odors, colors and humidity and warmth and intoxicating melodies and soft textures and violence and lakes and invented memories of never-ending nights.

Think, but not that much. Other sorts of excesses are far more rewarding.

viernes, enero 20, 2006


a tiny little treat:

1. Econometrics of Financial Markets
2. My life as a Quant
3. The General Theory

Como dirian John & Paul...


martes, enero 17, 2006


lunes, enero 16, 2006

"Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out."
(Richard Feynman)

viernes, enero 13, 2006

What?? Tierra del Fuego is in Chile??

The following paragraphs are from Goldman Sachs webpage.

September 2004, Goldman Sachs and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced an unprecedented partnership to protect in perpetuity a vast tract of wilderness at the southernmost edge of South America, on the island of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. This alliance will create a 680,000 acre nature reserve for the Chilean people, donated by Goldman Sachs to WCS for conservation as a major ecological resource. Together, Goldman Sachs and WCS are working with Chilean conservationists and other partners to establish the reserve and to preserve its unique ecological characteristics for future generations.
This first-of-its-kind private/public alliance is a result of the initiative, creativity and years of intense effort on the part of many Goldman Sachs people. The firm's involvement began in 2002 with a seemingly routine acquisition of a portfolio of loans, one of which was secured by these lands. In determining the disposition of this wilderness, Goldman Sachs looked beyond the traditional options and identified a rare opportunity for the firm to benefit global conservation.
Rather than split up and sell these lands in individual parcels, senior management and the Board of Directors agreed that the best way to maximize the value of the land was to purchase it for conservation. In December 2003, the land was acquired by the Goldman Sachs Charitable Fund. By that time, the firm had already begun working with international and Chilean conservationists to plan the reserve and its long-term stewardship.

Come on guys, looks like Chilean lobbists have far more connections than their Argentinian neighbors.

jueves, enero 05, 2006

War is Over!

And so are the holidays, which passed too quickly, yet leaving a plethora of wonderful memories and digital pictures. The contrast between the beaches and Illionis was dramatic, creating the kind of out-of-this-world experience so needed when you want to leave behind your daily obligations. I played tennis with my younger brother, saw how my sister continues to become even more beautiful and shared lunches and suppers with my folks who I missed the most. Though I did not meet them in Argentina (I expect to be back there in March), I felt I was home-away-from-home. Then came M. and we had a blast, tons a funs was what I needed, and I had it, strolling to the beach, waiting endless hours for that stomach-blending roller-coaster. (Yes, I did go, first wagon).
Now I'm back in Chicago, writing in English, who knows why, and though the last few weeks now seem like those dreams you hate to wake up from, I'll try to fight myself to enjoy what this GREAT city has to offer, despite of the cheek-freezing weather.